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We are Structural Designers who bring construction experience and a love for building to the practice of Engineering.

Our backgrounds provide the imperative: work on construction sites throughout our upbringing; completing degrees in both Architecture and then Structural Engineering; and finally, forming Framework upon licensure as Professional Engineers. 

We've bent rebar, built formwork, and poured concrete. We've built decks, framed walls, and renovated homes. We understand the builder's perspective and take pride in elegant, economic structural solutions that dovetails constructability and the human factor often lost in drawings with the design intent of the project. 

By keeping our office small, we offer a level of attention to each project that lends itself to collaborative design discussions and well-coordinated projects. The engineering and drafting work is never passed on to a junior level staffer or outsourced to a draftsperson, regardless of how large or small the project may be. 

Having consulted on over a thousand projects throughout California, Oregon, and Washington, some with our own hands, we find ourselves uniquely qualified to answer the call of the engineering trade.


We believe that anything worth building is worth building well, and we look forward to working with you. 

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