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We offer feasibility studies, schematic design, peer review of drawings, and early engineering support of projects still in a conceptual stage in order to remove design obstacles and help with decision-making.


We offer onsite consultations that focus on a project's structural options and order of magnitude pricing. For first-time project goers, we understand this can be an emotional or intimidating endeavor and can work with you to understand the steps involved, rough timelines, and recommend other professionals you may need to engage.



Structural engineering of woodframe buildings is a cornerstone of our  practice, specializing in custom home design and large remodels.


From new construction to modifying existing structures, single-family to larger developments, we’ve worked on a wide range of projects with experience in wood and engineered wood products, heavy timber framing, steel framing, and concrete design.

We are licensed in California, Oregon, and Washington, performing work up and down the west coast.



The purchase or renovation of an existing building often requires a formal structural evaluation to assess existing conditions and gauge the feasibility of any future plans. 

These evaluations can range from a simple on-site assessment of a specific concern to a formal ASCE-41 evaluation of an entire building. We have advised thousands of owners, prospective home buyers, and investors during the purchase or consideration of major renovations by addressing structural questions as they relate to life-safety concerns, cost considerations, code requirements, and constructability.

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