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For those interested in pursuing a construction project but unsure about possibilities or the work involved, we offer onsite structural consultations about how to proceed, other professionals you may need to engage, rough timelines and order of magnitude pricing. 

For first-time project goers, we understand this can be an intimidating process and recommend you read our construction basics page as a crash course on permitted construction work.


We can provide schematic engineering services for the purpose of identifying cost-effective structural design strategies consistent with the programmatic and architectural design intent of the project.

Our role is to provide feedback on the feasibility and constructibility of various strategies, elements, materials and geometry chosen by the project designer in a parallel effort to prooduce a buildable design before larger costs are incurred during the design development and construction documentation phases of the project. 

Given content and questions, we will generate responses that reflect our best opinion based on global analysis, research, 'rough' calculation, or any other means of investigation deemed to be appropriate.

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