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Getting Started

Thank you for contacting Framework Engineering. Structural design, construction, and carefully considered engineering is our passion, but we realize that for many people it can be a rather foreign pursuit. Building a new home or modifying an existing one can be an intimidating or emotional endeavor, and for many people, they’re pursuing their first construction project.

As we’ll discuss on the next page, an Architect is a great source of information for building projects and is usually the best place to start to develop a sound timeline and long term strategy for construction. However, it’s hard to know that if this is your first project! 

How to use this document:

For the reasons above, we have developed this summary that outlines the general/typical/broad series of events necessary to realize your building project based on our experience of the most frequently asked questions. What started as a single page document has grown substantially as more first-time project goers ask better questions, so we apologize for the firehose of information this may pose. The flowchart shown below is a typical order-of-operations, but some of these can overlap with another, and there may be a few other things in there. Treat this as a rough progression and not a rigid checklist.

The descriptions that follow correspond to the flowchart are intentionally broad, as every project is a little different, but we’ve provided some high level information about key portions to consider. It may be the case that some portions don’t apply to your project, but those should become clear while reading. If you have any questions about the sequencing, we are happy to clarify.