It is best practice and required by most municipalities that we stay involved and available during construction to answer any questions that arise. We have found that our active involvement can help to ensure that the project goes smoothly and that the details are built and installed as designed. Our contract includes an estimate for our services during construction, whether it be answering generic questions, making changes on request of the contractor or demanded by field conditions, or performing required structural observations. This is usually also true of the geological engineer and the architect/designer as well. 

The presence on site is mutually beneficial to all parties. As professionals, we enjoy seeing our work realized and have strong incentives to make sure that the built conditions match the documented design. Owners and contractors have a reciprocated benefit by being able to hold us accountable to the drawings we generate.

Our required structural observations are listed on Sheet S000, and required special inspections are either provided on the municipality-provided special inspection form or on our Sheet S000 where they do not have one. In general, these occur at critical construction milestones (formwork and rebar before pouring concrete – or framing and connectors before concealing with panels)

Addendums and Amendments

For a hundred reasons, a project may change during construction. The correct means of documenting those changes is to alter the approved set of drawings electronically, ‘cloud’ the alterations, and re-submit the changes for review and for permission to modify the already approved set of drawings.