Review in general is healthy for construction projects. The last step before formal drawings are plotted, stamped, and submitted to the building municipality, there is an opportunity to make changes or alteration where it’ll be much more difficult to do so after submittal. 

Geological Engineer Review of Structural Drawings: (if applicable)
It is mandatory that the geological engineer (if there is one on your project) review and approve structural drawings, prior to submitting to the building municipality. Without confirming that our structural solution aligns with their recommendations, it is possible that they would not want to be involved on the project during construction. We enjoy this routine review and find the level of scrutiny usually benefits the overall construction of the project.

Architectural Review of Structural Drawings:
Though not required, we usually offer a final review by the architect/designer to make sure that we have not specified any large structural elements that interfere with their design intent. Usually, we would already have been in contact throughout the project and there are only small changes to be requested here. 

Contractor Review of All Drawings:
A contractor review of both architectural and structural drawings is a great move because they’re the party responsible for building and will usually have excellent comments or foresee construction sequencing conflicts early. We welcome commentary on better building solutions if there are any, and again, are able to make changes to drawings before permit submittal more easily than it would be to do so later.