Review arch drawings, scope of work, existing conditions, timeline, construction budget, get a contractor involved.
This is our involvement. Our core contribution would be to generate structural drawings for the project, but that doesn’t mean we have to get involved only after they’re completed. Sometimes it can be helpful to have us visit a site during the design phase to help define some project scope and offer recommendations on how difficult the structural portions will be for various options being considered. We do offer a Schematic Design proposal, which is basically a budget to work time and materials for these projects. (Ask us if you think you need this, and we can also share that proposal with you).

What does Framework Engineering need to generate a formal Proposal of Service?

DRAWINGS: Either architectural/designer or else As Built drawings if the project is only structural in nature. You can email these to These can be in progress if they communicate the project thoroughly. 

  • SITE VISIT: For existing buildings, an on-site meeting is typically the first formal step in the process after we’ve reviewed your drawings. While on-site, we review the existing conditions, gain a better understanding of your structural goals and overall design intent for the project. We do charge $500 for the initial site visit and consultation, but this fee is credited toward any further work performed. The drawings are the best way to communicate the total scope of work, but we may have other questions about the extent of work. We typically work on a fixed fee so try to put a healthy effort into understanding the full scope of work for the project.

  • CONTRACTED PARTY: Let us know the information for the contracted party, including full name, relationship to the project, email, and phone number. Typically, this is the building Owner, but we have contracted directly with architects in some cases before.

  • TIMELINE and CONSTRUCTION BUDGET: When do you need completed structural drawings by? What is your construction budget? This can help us align your project with our lead time and other projects’ schedules. In some cases, we do offer an expedited fee, though it is commensurate with the level of overtime we’re likely to experience as a result.


  • SOILS REPORT: (if applicable. See B-GEOLOGICAL REPORT). In some cases, for sake of timing, we have generated proposals with an assumed foundation system recommendation and have adjusted the billable amount later if the Soils Report recommendations conflict. 

Then What?

After the Proposal of Services is signed, a retainer is deposited, and above information is in hand we can begin the structural design and documentation process. A Structural Report (calculations and analysis procedures used to size and locate all the structural members) will be produced. The report is consistent with the latest building codes and design standards and is reviewed by the governing building officials as part of the permitting process. A set of stamped Structural Drawings will also be produced. These drawings are also reviewed by the building officials and used by the contractor during construction. You can think of the Structural Drawings as the instruction manual used by all the various parties involved in the construction process – from builders to inspectors.